We're currently in beta, so all users can use the product for free, we aim to move to GA in a few months.

We're currently in beta, so you may encounter some quirks. Your feedback is valued as we refine our platform

API managementmade simple

typeauth simplifies API authentication, authorization and management, so you can focus on building great applications. Our architecture is designed for low latency, with a global presence to ensure optimal performance worldwide.

Everything you need for API authentication.

Create applications and track the usage of their keys. Understand who is using your API, when, and from where.

Firewall for AI

Customer-facing AI apps and internal apps can present significant risks like brand damage, bad customer experience, compliance violations, sensitive data leakage, misinformation


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Frequently asked questions

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    • Are you planning to create libraries?

      Definitely! This is on our roadmap, and we'll start with TypeScript.

    • Do I need a credit card to use the product?

      No, the first 10,000 successful authentications are included. If you don't have a payment system set up, when you reach the quota, the authentication endpoint won't work.

    • How easy is it to implement Typeauth?

      It's super easy! You can check out our docs where we have implementations for many applications like TypeScript, Go, and more.

    • Where are Typeauth servers located?

      Our services are located on the edge, and we are distributed in many locations around the world simultaneously.

    • Why do you need monitoring?

      On top of authentication, we offer the ability to provide uptime and notifications in case something goes wrong. As Typeauth manages the authentication, we are able to monitor APIs that require authentication.

    • Why should I use Typeauth instead of my homegrown solution?

      Typeauth provides a secure, scalable, and easy-to-implement authentication solution. By using Typeauth, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on developing and maintaining your own authentication system. Additionally, Typeauth offers features like monitoring and notifications to ensure the reliability of your APIs.

    • Do you notify me if the API becomes unresponsive?

      Yes, our monitors will check the API URL and notify you by email if it is not responsive with a 200 OK status code.

    • Can I use Typeauth for websites?

      Typeauth is designed to provide API tokens, but ultimately, it's up to you where you deploy the solution.

    • Is the Typeauth API rate-limited?

      Yes, we have an upper limit of 100 requests per second from the same IP address.